The CCN Difference - Annual

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Back by popular demand and better than ever for 2020! Maybe you want to understand our philosophy on the deepest level, maybe you want to give yourself more than 30 days of a commitment. Maybe you just want to be deeply tied into a positive, healthy community! Whatever your reason, we are here to push you to a higher level of overall health and wellness!

Here's what all is included for 2020

The CCN Difference is an annual subscription that includes all of our 3 four-week challenges, both of our 2-week challenges, and our annual 10-day detox.

Additionally, it includes a FREE challenge to giveaway to a friend (1x per year - excludes the Wellness Remodel Challenge), a free cookbook (1x per year), a monthly newsletter with exclusive content and recipes, weekly motivational emails (new for 2020!) and other bonuses throughout the year!

We created the CCN Difference as a way to make it easier for our community who already joins every challenge to automatically sign up for everything we do. It's also a way to save and get over $100 in giveaways!


10-Day Reset ($39 value)

Fresh Start Challenge ($79)

Spring into Summer ($79 value)

Fall Challenge ($79 value)

2-Week Challenge #1 Summer Slim Down ($69 value)

2-Week Challenge #2 Holiday Challenge ($69 value)

Bonus! Get a Free CCN Challenge to Giveaway to a Friend or Family Member… For Free! ($79 value)

Bonus! Get a Free CCN Cookbook (up to $25 value)

Bonus! Monthly Email Check-Ins from Cara

Bonus! Special Bonus Recipe Every Month

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    CCN Difference

    Posted by Courtney on Jan 13th 2020

    I am loving my new healthy lifestyle. It feels so freeing to be done being on a diet. I have more energy than I have ever had. I love pushing myself with the challenges and working the principles into my daily life. The extra support makes all the difference for me- helps me stay on track and re-focus when needed. As a physician and mother of 2, I have put myself last for too long. I am finally taking time to focus on my health. This is definitely something I can stick with since I do not feel hungry and deprived all the time. Looking forward to seeing what more I am made for in 2020!

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    CCN has changed my life!

    Posted by Sue Chang on Jan 11th 2020

    I am so happy that CCN offers the Annual Subscription. I gives me peace of mind that I am getting the vary best value for each one of the awesome CCN challenges. CCN has armed me with recipes, meal plans, and knowledge, in addition to the best support group that money can buy! I feel better than ever and I have Cara Clark Nutrition to thank!

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    CCN Difference

    Posted by Cheryl Franzi on Jan 6th 2020

    You are worth affording a membership in the CCN Difference. I am 12 months into this membership looking forward to a second year of enjoying remarkable meals, feeling well and satisfied after eating. I no longer like or look forward to eating out, as I prefer my own food. New Year's resolution seekers looking for a diet? This program is not for you. The CCN Difference program will lead you away from addictive foods and destructive habits and will surprise you with pleasure in eating foods that make you feel good. CCN Difference will be your new you. ...and oh by the way, I am 20 pounds lighter, without even trying. Give yourself this gift. You will not regret the decision.

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    azoulay esperanza

    Posted by azoulay esperanza on Jun 17th 2019

    azoulay esperanza

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    The CCN Difference

    Posted by Sue Chang on Jan 14th 2019

    The difference is REAL! With Cara Clark Nutrition, you not only get access to delicious, easy-to-follow meal plans, but also expert support from Cara and her team. I have participated in CCN Challenges in the past, but I am so excited to be a part of the additional support that the CCN subscription provides. The positive emails and posts on social media are not artificial and over-the top, they are just very "real." Cara and her team are uplifting, motivational, and most of all true to themselves and true to their clients. They know I am not perfect, and they are teaching me how to improve but not beat myself up for my imperfections. I am looking forward to a year of CCN!