• Nutrition Consultation - 90 min initial meeting in person, over the phone or skype to evaluate your needs. During this time you will discuss some common food related issues and the cellular function of digestion and absorption. 
  • 1:1 Coaching: Giving you monthly support through accountability and providing consult to all your health needs. 
  • Meal Planning: Addressing health needs with a food plan that is customized for you. 
  • Grocery Shopping: Meet at the local market and learn more about every ingredient on a food label and what you should keep your cupboards stocked with.
  • Recipe Adjustment: In case you’re worried about giving up your favorite family recipe, don’t be! We can change up a few ingredients and you will be able to enjoy the food, as usual.
  • Prenatal Nutritional Counseling: The myth is you are eating for two. The fact is you are only supposed to eat slightly more than usual. With food aversions and cravings, pregnancy is an awkward time for women. We can help advice and exchange foods to make you and your baby as healthy as possible.
  • Postpartum Nutritional Counseling: It is very difficult to find time to eat and know how many calories you should intake. This can vary greatly depending on each individual. We can help determine how many calories and meals best suite your situation.
  • Supplement Advising: Everyone should be taking a multi-vitamin, B complex and fish oil, however, depending on your health history or current issues, we may have other natural suggestions for you.
  • Athlete Evaluation: Every competing athlete, male and female has different needs for their diet. When competing, it is very important to have the proper macronutrient ratio to maximize your potential.


Presentations: Educational nutrition workshops to suit your needs.

  • Corporate: Businesses
  • Groups: Mom's groups, church groups, sororities, schools, sports teams

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