Healthy Holidays Challenge 2019

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Join us in our next Challenge! Our Healthy Holidays Two Week Challenge is a CCN intensive meal plan to keep your metabolism and body in shape for the rest of 2019 We will introduce delicious, new, mind-blowing seasonal recipes in a meal plan that will keep you feeling light, burning fat and motivated! 

This challenge is fun, exhilarating and delicious! However, it's a hard time of year to commit, so it's extra important to join with an accountability partner! We encourage you to ask a friend to not only do this challenge with, but to help you stay motivated for the duration of the Holidays. Don't wait to start healthy eating until January 1st! Make healthy choices now and finish 2019 STRONG!  

Challenge starts November 4th! Space is limited. 

ALL PACKETS will be sent via email the week of October 28th to allow participants time to grocery shop and meal prep. 


This Challenge includes:

· Ultimate Fat Burning 2 Week Plan

· 1 week bonus mix and match

· Fat Burning Foods List

· Two-fold Accountability & Motivation: via private Facebook group + email check ins

· Intuitive eating guide as well as further education on our food philosophy

· Workout suggestions

· Unlimited expert nutrition consultation & guidance

· BONUS: No Negative Thoughts emotional health challenge