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Ashlee here! We get asked multiple times every challenge, how do we eat the CCN way when traveling? Today I’m going to tell you how I travel with CCN.

Before we get into the details, let’s acknowledge right off the bat that it’s not easy. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t doable. It just takes a little bit more planning and forethought. If you put in the work beforehand, you will reap the benefits while on your trip.

Tip #1: Water, water, water. And then some more water. Did I mention water? Seriously though, this is one easy way to keep yourself on the up and up while on the go. Traveling, especially flying, is dehydrating. So drink more than you would think is necessary. I drank 64 ounces of water on a 5 hour flight to Hawaii last week. (My husband was very thankful I had the aisle seat!) Bonus was it got my body moving every hour as well.

Bring a reusable water bottle with you (keep it empty until after you go through security) and then fill it up whenever you get a chance. So many places nowadays have water bottle refill stations in place of or next to drinking fountains. Our hotel even had a filtered water bottle fill up station next to every ice machine.

Tip #2: pack your own snacks. This is where the planning comes in. Before you leave, pick up a few extra snacks to throw in your purse and your luggage. I always carry a few snacks in my purse and then a big gallon size Ziploc blag full of snacks in my luggage. Some of our shelf stable favorites include: Rx barsKind bars (buy the bars with no added protein), Chomp meat sticks, apples, bananas, Rx nut butterJustin’s nut butter, and Vital Proteins collagen peptides travel size.

On my flight, I ate a chomp meat stick, banana, and a pack of nut butter. Protein, carbs, and fat – all 3 macros and a balanced meal at 30,000 feet. Lacking on the colors a bit but much better than anything they were selling on the meal cart.

Tip #3: buy snacks. Yes, it’s true you should have packed some (see tip #2) but even if you didn’t you can definitely find some to purchase at the airport or at your destination. And if you’re like me, you will buy even more at your destination. #nevertoomanysnacks Find the nearest grocery store or Target and stock up some items for your hotel room so you won’t be tempted to hit the mini bar for a $10 Snickers bar. Not good for your blood sugar OR your wallet.

Note: this brand of oatmeal does have brown sugar in it. But it was the cleanest instant oatmeal that the local grocery store had, I could pronounce all the ingredients, and it had added protein from the quinoa and flax. Check your labels!

Tip #4: CCN principles no matter what! This is where your knowledge of CCN comes into play. Continental breakfast is NOT breakfast. Carbs, carbs, and more carbs. We need some protein to balance that blood sugar! A packet of Vital Proteins collagen peptides straight into your coffee saves the day, in a pinch. Or a stop at Starbucks for some egg bites. These other CCN principles also still apply: five colors a day, eating every 3-4 hours, and moving your body for 30 minutes a day.

Hiking to the Nakalele blowhole – sightseeing and exercise all in one!

Tip #5: Relax and enjoy yourself! You don’t travel all the time and this isn’t every day life. So if you’re on vacation or at a work dinner with colleagues – do not be anxious about food! It’s not worth it. Enjoy that Mai tai or a glass of wine. Small, healthy choices throughout the day add up and that wine or dessert one night definitely does not negate all the healthy choices you have made earlier in the day. My personal rule when traveling is I try to follow our CCN principles for breakfast, lunch and snacks and then at dinner I enjoy myself. If I want some wine and dessert – I have it. Life (and food!) is meant to be enjoyed!

Grilled fish tacos in Maui – naturally gluten and dairy free! And proof that you can still make healthy choices and enjoy the local cuisine. I enjoyed every single bite of these at lunch one day and didn’t feel deprived.

Hopefully this helps a bit when planning your next trip. It is possible to travel and take CCN with you! You can do it!

Meet Cara Clark

I began my career as a way to heal my own body and give me the energy to seek the life I was called to live.

Now, as an integrative nutritionist and wellness educator, I help people nurture their bodies through a non-dieting approach to food and the beautiful connections between physical wellness, mental and emotional health, and spirituality that have taken my own life to the next level.

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