Why do I CCN?

Why do I CCN?

Nov 15th 2017

We get asked often, "why do people repeatedly sign up for challenges?" And really it's a great question. Sure, weight loss is often a main motivator but we have SO many people who are here for more than just weight loss. And to be honest, we're after more than just weight loss. We're about FEELING good, not just looking it. And we're also about real people and real results. So who better to tell you why than the people who do our challenges! Read on to hear the MANY benefits of a CCN way of life! 

"Because the food is delicious! I feel 100% better and perform better as an athlete when I adhere to the CCN lifestyle. I also love how my kids embrace most of the recipes." Inna P.

"To be a positive role model to my children so they learn to have a healthy relationship with food that I never learned as a child." Susan B.

"I am here for weight loss...but I do the challenges cause I get bored easily with food and then I eat crappy again. Your recipes bring new food, force me to try things I maybe wouldn’t and the energy of the group helps keep me on track." Valerie B.

"I do it to balance the stress from opening a new business. I have limited time to work out, etc... but meal prepping has saved the day for me and eating good food gives me the energy to tackle my days." Jodi L.

"To help have a healthy relationship with food and use the food I eat for fuel and not reward. Plus the recipes are delicious!!" Susan S.

"When I commit to these challenges my life becomes more organized. When I am on top of things (prepping meals ahead of time, knowing what I'm going to eat each day) I feel my mental health go up!" Katie B.

"One of the biggest unintended perks of doing these challenges has been how it has helped me learn to cook. I’m much more likely to experiment and cook from scratch now and I get a lot of compliments on my cooking." Tiffany B. 

"As a momma of 3 boys challenges are a few weeks I really focus on myself...something that I just don’t make time for otherwise!" Heather P.

"I joined last year to lose my baby weight. But I loved how easy it is, how good the food is, and that you eat REAL food!! But I have learned so much about nutrition and health and my kids eat healthier than I ever did!" Sarah J.

"Takes the thinking out of eating healthy which makes it easier to implement. As a mom who is always thinking about what to do, it is nice and refreshing to just be told what to do!" Leila R.

"Challenges reset my commitment to taking care of myself so I can feel and look healthy!" Margaret D. 

"I want to live a healthy lifestyle, and I like connecting with others who do as well. My family and most friends don't seek out this kind of thing, and it's so nice being able to share and swap recipes/experiences with other like minded people." Jenny C. 

So, why do YOU CCN? And if you don't already, what are you waiting for? Check out our upcoming 2 week healthy holiday challenge HERE