The Wellness Remodel 2021

The Wellness Remodel 2021

Mar 29th 2021

You have survived one of the craziest years in history and now it's time to pour back into yourself. There's a huge difference between surviving and thriving and we hope to get you to a place of health where you feel like you're THRIVING!

In the 30 day Wellness Remodel Challenge, we will be teaching on gut health and how it connects to every part of your well being. Growing up, everyone told me I would be a teacher, but I could never see myself in a classroom setting or teaching kids. However, they were so right! I'm so passionate about teaching you about yourself and what you're capable of! I feel as though my passion and purpose are coming full circle with how we've been able to integrate more education into our nutrition programs. I pray this upcoming challenge enriches your life in a way you didn't know was possible. Please join us for 30 days as we dig deeper into remodeling your wellness!

Inside this challenge, you’ll get LIFETIME ACCESS to:

Individual Metabolic Assessment by the Cara Clark Nutrition team - the questionnaire you'll complete after registration

2 week Cleanse meal plan with 4 days of transitioning trigger foods back in

1 week meal plan based on individual caloric needs

1 week quick and flexible meal plan

Food exchange list & other important references

Grocery shopping list & meal prep guide

Weekly email check-ins

Food and exercise logs

Overall wellness, tips & activities

Facebook online group support & accountability

One month of expert nutrition guidance

Plus a BONUS BUNDLE packed with:

Gut health focus highlighting our mind, body, and spirit

Active relaxation and meditation

Yoga with Lisa Ashton

Weekly Education Videos with Dr. Kaisa Coppola

Self-care videos and tips

And journaling activities

Plus this AMAZING Bonus!

Cara has loved working out with her friend Carrie Underwood’s fitness app, fit52, for the past year and now you can join them! fit52 makes working out feel like a game! The workouts are different every time, yet adaptable to the demands of our busy lives.

Join the Wellness Remodel Challenge and receive complimentary access to fit52 for 30 days! 

*Offer available to new fit52 members only.

Part master class, part challenge, this is our biggest and most comprehensive challenge we've ever offered and we can't wait for you to be a part of it!