The CCN Difference

The CCN Difference

Dec 31st 2018

Over the past few years, we have experienced a dynamic and passionate CCN community come together. We are so excited to build on this by putting together a program that will include the traditional challenges and so much more! We are announcing our new, annual subscription option: The CCN Difference. Members of The CCN Difference will get a discounted rate on all our new, upcoming challenges, plus new and exclusive content, giveaways, and more! 

Let's dream together! Our vision for The CCN Difference is to not only improve your physical health and energy by keeping you on track all year long, but to inspire you to become the best version of yourself through inspiring monthly videos with Cara, monthly motivation and accountability, exclusive new recipes, and fresh information from the nutrition world. We give you the plans and the tools and we are striving to hold you to a higher level of accountability - not just during the challenge seasons. We can't wait to impact your life in a more dynamic way! 

The CCN Difference annual subscription includes:

10 Day Reset ($39 value)

Fresh Start Healthy Heart ($79 value)

Spring into Summer ($79 value)

Fall Back to Health ($79 value)

2-Week Challenge #1 Summer Slim down ($59 value)

2-Week Challenge #2 Healthy Holidays ($59 value)

Bonus! Get One FREE CCN Challenge to Giveaway to a Friend or Family Member ($79 value)

Bonus! Get One FREE CCN Cookbook (up to $25 value)

Bonus! Exclusive Monthly Nutrition Content from Cara

Bonus! Exclusive Monthly Video Check in from Cara

Bonus! Exclusive New Seasonal Recipe Every Month

This new option allows you to save almost 25% plus receive another $104 in freebies as soon as you subscribe!