The CCN Difference

The CCN Difference

Dec 18th 2020

As we continue to grow, it's so important to us to keep a close relationship with as many of you as possible. The best way to do this is through our CCN Difference.

As a subscriber, you will not only be the first to know what is going on with CCN, but also with Cara! It's the best way for us to stay in touch with you throughout the year. It's also the best way for us to get more in depth on all things health and wellness, which is the plan for 2021! We've spent countless hours planning the monthly education for next year and it's GOING TO BE SO GOOD. If you're considering joining us, now is the time!

Our vision for The CCN Difference is to not only improve your physical health and energy by keeping you on track all year long, but to inspire you to become the best version of yourself through encouraging monthly videos with Cara, monthly and weekly motivation and accountability, exclusive new recipes, and fresh information from the health and wellness world.

We can't wait to share what's on our hearts this year as we strive to change our habits together! We give you the plans and the tools and we strive to hold you to a higher level of accountability - not just during the challenge seasons. We can't wait to impact your life in a more dynamic way!

Take advantage of this amazing offer and commit to your health now before we close the doors to new subscribers on 1/1/2021. You won't have the chance to join again until the Spring!

The CCN Difference includes:

  • 10 Day Reset ($39 value)
  • Fresh Start Healthy Heart ($79 value)
  • The Wellness Remodel with Christina Anstead ($99 value)
  • Fall Back to Health ($79 value)
  • 2-Week Challenge: Summer Slim down ($59 value)
  • 2-Week Challenge: Healthy Holidays ($59 value)
  • Bonus! Get One FREE CCN Challenge to Giveaway to a Friend or Family Member ($79 value)
  • Bonus! Get One FREE CCN Cookbook (up to $29 value)
  • Bonus! Exclusive Monthly Nutrition Content from Cara
  • Bonus! Exclusive Monthly Video Check-in from Cara
  • Bonus! Exclusive New Seasonal Recipe Every Month
  • Bonus! Weekly Check-in Email Offering Accountability and Encouragement

Watch OUR VIDEO to see what some of our current subscribers are saying about The CCN Difference!