Sweet Summertime 2021

Sweet Summertime 2021

May 27th 2021

Hooray! It's time to celebrate...Celebrate what our bodies CAN DO! And do it with our friends!

So often we come to a program carrying huge expectations, enormous goals, past fear of failure, and more. But not here...

Our Sweet Summertime Challenge is all about filling you up with excitement, camaraderie and delicious food. Sweet Summertime is just a two week challenge and this round we are focusing our education on the metabolic system and how to make it work in sync with the rest of our body. We want you to have a better understanding of your body and feel connected to your metabolism. It may surprise you what this really means and how we achieve it and we look forward to helping you learn more, feel great, and enjoy delicious, seasonal food!

Inside this challenge, you’ll get LIFETIME ACCESS to:

A two-week meal plan

1 week bonus mix and match

Two-fold accountability and motivation via private Facebook group + email check ins

Intuitive eating guide as well as further education on our food philosophy

BRAND NEW workouts with our in-house trainer, Tami VanDuyne

Unlimited expert nutrition consultation & guidance

Plus an educational BONUS:

All About Metabolism - Depravation, restriction, under consuming and yoyo dieting have lead so many women down a path of metabolic harm. Not only will we try to begin healing a broken metabolism, but we will teach you how to maintain and improve metabolic function.

Join us for our Sweet Summertime Challenge - after this one, your next chance to join us for a challenge won't be until the Fall!