Sweet Summertime 2020

Sweet Summertime 2020

Jun 5th 2020

Summer is the season that brings about the most memories. The ones we want to hang onto for a lifetime (with or without a phone/camera in our pocket). Being in the moment is easier said than done. Being in the moment requires a little work. Feeling well is a gift that keeps giving. Feeling well aligns us with our purpose, it enables us for personal growth, and inspires us to do more. We are in some heavy times as a nation/world and one thing we are committed to here is to continue to help you feel well! Feeling well gives us the gift of the present moment and we want that for you all. I know I want that for myself and invite you to walk that journey with us before we, as a team, shut down for the Summer to enjoy these moments ourselves. 

Our Sweet Summertime Challenge is NOW OPEN for registration! We want to bless you with one last challenge before Fall. The recipes...unreal. The community...heavenly. The value...incredible. We have so much lined up for you. Including some personal work with your favorite LMFT, Josh Busson. We have some exclusive recipe booklets included in this challenge that your friends will envy! Hello, picnic and beach days. Hello popsicles that you can feed your kids for dinner and still feel like a good mom.

The Sweet Summertime Challenge includes:

  • 2 week meal plan
  • 1 week bonus mix and match
  • Two-fold accountability and motivation via private Facebook group + email check ins
  • Intuitive eating guide as well as further education on our food philosophy
  • Workout suggestions
  • Unlimited expert nutrition consultation & guidance


  • Emotional health challenge with our favorite LMFT, Josh Busson
  • Picnic/Beach Day Packing List
  • CCN Popsicle Recipes