Summer Slim Down is HERE!

Summer Slim Down is HERE!

May 30th 2018

Registration is now LIVE for our 2 Week Summer Slim Down! Early bird pricing is $49 but will go back up to $69 on Monday, June 4th. Don't miss out! Sign up HERE

And if you still need some more convincing here are our top 5 reasons to join:

1. Look at these meals, so satisfying, so nutrient dense, so fat burning!

2. It's our LAST challenge until September. That's 3 WHOLE months without new CCN in your life.

3. We are teaching you better nutrition through intuitive eating, but will still help you understand our philosophy of eating for a stable blood sugar. 

4. Get you feeling summer ready... confident and glowing!

5. ENERGY to live your best life this summer!

And as a bonus when you sign up, you will also get our CCN Summer BBQ Cookbook which includes 7 Main Dishes, 4 Marinades & Rubs, 10 Sides & Salads, 7 Desserts and 6 Healthy Cocktails. ($14.99 value all by itself!) 

So really, no one should even be reading this last sentence... because you're too busy signing up HERE