Spring into Summer 2018

Spring into Summer 2018

Apr 3rd 2018

Registration is now open for our Spring into Summer 2018 challenge. Spring is always our biggest group of challenge participants... and rightfully so! Swimsuit and short weather is quickly approaching. Not to mention the produce that's in season in the Spring is so delicious. 

We get alot of the same questions before every challenge so we thought it would be helpful to answer a few of them here. If you're on the fence about trying us out, read on!

1. What's a sample day look like? 

Spoiler alert! Here is day 3 in it's entirety of the upcoming challenge:

Breakfast: Lemon Ginger Detox Smoothie

Am Snack: Blueberry Bliss Oatmeal Cookies + 1 hard boiled egg

Lunch: Strawberry Tossed Salad

PM Snack: Hummus Power Bowl Leftovers

Dinner: Pineapple Stir Fry + wild rice/cooked quinoa

2. I have food allergies (gluten, dairy, etc.) - can I still participate? 

YES! For the first 10 days of each and every challenge we eliminate gluten and dairy. And then we slowly reintroduce during days 11-14. This get our participants in tune with their bodies to find out if they have any food intolerance. If you already know you're intolerant or allergic - simply don't add gluten or dairy back in! Week 2 and 3 recipes are easy to modify and make gluten or dairy free.

3. Are your meal plans family friendly?

YES! All of us here at CCN are moms and we can all attest that our kiddos eat exactly what we do! Dinners are quick, easy, and very kid-friendly. There might be a small handful of meals your kids might not touch but are easily modified. (My trick? All sorts of "yucky" protein gets eaten when shoved in a whole wheat quesadilla or covered with a little cheese!)

4. Do I have to follow the meal plan exactly to get results?

No. Each meal and snack is individually macro-balanced on it's own so swapping out day 1 breakfast for day 3 breakfast isn't going to sabotage anything. These plans are made to be modified to fit you and your family's schedule. We encourage mixing and matching to fit your lifestyle. We want you to succeed! 

5.Are there vegetarian options?

Yes! We use both plant based and lean animal protein but we include vegetarian options for all meals as well. 

So, what are you waiting for? Click HERE to register now. Price will increase next week.