Spring cleaning for your mind, body, and home!

Spring cleaning for your mind, body, and home!

Apr 3rd 2019

New Years resolutions are fun and all, but Spring is what sets them in action. In nature, everything around us is becoming new again - blooming and evolving. This motivates us into transformation.

We're all thinking about Summer - less clothes, looking and feeling good for our vacations, weddings, reunions and more! Seasonal Spring food makes all of this easy. We promise our Spring into Summer challenge will feel like an indulgence, yet you'll also feel light and energized. The food is appetizing and flavorful but also quick and easy. If you've been waiting to join us, don't wait any longer! Now is your time.

You can't rewrite the past, but you can START NOW and change your future. We're excited for you to join us on this journey!

Spring into Summer registration is OPEN NOW! Spring into Summer Challenge starts Monday, April 15th!

 For the lowest rate on ALL our challenges, The CCN Difference is still the best value. 

The Challenge includes:

  • Individual Metabolic Assessment by CCN certified team
  • 2 week cleanse plan
  • 1 week meal plan based on individual caloric needs
  • 1 week quick and flexible meal plan
  • Food exchange list & other important references
  • Grocery shopping list & meal prep guide
  • Weekly e-mail check ins
  • Food and exercise logs
  • NEW workouts!
  • Overall wellness, tips & activities
  • Facebook online group support, accountability, & live videos
  • One month of expert nutrition guidance
  • Spring cleaning tips and tricks - DECLUTTER your mind and your home!

Space is limited - join us now!