Spring Challenge Participant Spotlight

Spring Challenge Participant Spotlight

May 22nd 2018

These are honestly our favorite blog posts to publish. Our food philosophy changes lives and that is what makes us LOVE what we do. I could go on and on but I think it's best to let these fabulous ladies speak for themselves:

"One year ago I looked at a picture of myself and did not recognize myself. Because of the struggles of life, I had moved taking care of me to the bottom of the list. It was that picture that made me enroll in the first available challenge. One year later, I am 35 pounds lighter, mentally and emotionally in very good places. Eating the CCN way has improved my marriage in ways I could not even imagine. Thank you all for your hard work, dedication, and endless amounts of support." Julie M. 

"I have tried several diets, which are intended to be lifestyles. With every one of them, it worked for a while, but it either stopped or I couldn’t figure out how to keep it going...With all these lifestyle diets I became FRUSTRATED.

I emphasized frustrated because the CCN way of life has relieved the frustration and truly given me freedom. Freedom from trends ("say no to Keto"), and restriction. I mean this is a plan where I can still have honey, corn, melons and pineapple?! Yes, please! The other diets said seldom or never to those, which was too much deprivation to me. 

In my weight/health/diet journal (from the last 8 years or so), when I would be sick in any way I’d usually fall off whatever plan I was attempting, use it as an excuse to eat out, experience a gain and spend a month fighting to get the weight back off. It was an awful cycle even though I stayed in the same 10 lb range, I’d beat myself up over it…that darn scale! Going into the final week of our challenge this month, I came down with a throat infection and pink eye, one week out from my 15th wedding anniversary and weekend getaway! Now this part is huge for me: my thought process never missed a beat. I was able to carry right on with CCN because I have the plan, the food, the freezer stocked for “emergency hunger,” and I carried on! I’m so proud of this mindset change and happy as this adherence to plan demonstrates a huge shift in my thinking to knowing the foods that will balance my blood sugar and heal my body, not hurt it.

In summary, I felt like I had all these pieces to a healthy lifestyle, but I didn’t know how to put them together to make a big picture and manageable plan. I’m feeling like Cara when she said something like: it’s hard to get me off my plan because I just like feeling so good! Thank you for sharing this plan!" Bekah C.

Our Summer Slimdown Challenge starts June 11th with registration opening SOON! Will you be our next participant spotlight? There's nothing to lose... the time will just pass anyway! Join us!