How the CCN Health Challenge Impacted One Family

How the CCN Health Challenge Impacted One Family

By Cara on Aug 25th 2016

This has truly been a game changer for me when it comes to food/nutrition! I promote because I truly do love it and believe it would help so many others! I'm seriously your number one fan! ;-)

I tried my first CCN challenge back in April and to say it was a total life changer is an understatement. My husband and I have always considered ourselves "healthy" but for years that often meant low-fat, sugar-free and highly processed.

Last year we did a few very restrictive, clean eating lifestyles and while the results were great, it was never sustainable long term. And I always managed to undo all the work I did during the clean period. It was a total yo-yo and wreaking havoc on my metabolism. I, for one, can't live in a world without bread and cheese (and nor do I want to!)

Cara's plan has taught me so much about balancing blood sugar and proper ways to fuel my body - all without restricting food groups. The food is SO good and it never feels like you're depriving yourself. Which makes it even easier to get right back to business after a fun weekend or a birthday celebration.

It truly has given me the balance I have been so desperately seeking when it comes to my food. I no longer consider it a challenge but a lifestyle. I look good and more importantly, I FEEL good. And the best part is, my family loves it too! I can easily adapt meals for everyone if I need to and it's helped me learn how to properly fuel my kiddos as well.

It seems like quite a bit of information and work at first but I promise you, you won't regret it!

I seriously could say so much more... Thank you again!

Ashlee Thomas

Wife and Mother of two youngsters