Honest Review of Find Your Path by Carrie Underwood

Honest Review of Find Your Path by Carrie Underwood

Mar 12th 2020

Hi Friends! So many of you have asked about Carrie's new book, Find Your Path, I thought I would write up my own review. 

First of all, I wanted to say when a celebrity writes a book, it's a passion project. Especially in this case! Carrie is super passionate about living well and she knows she inspires others. She is using her platform in such a positive way and for that reason alone, you've got to read it! 

If you haven't read it yet, it's seriously a must read. It's not your every day diet or lifestyle book. It's filled with an awesome story of a little girl we can all relate to. It's so honest and well thought out, down to the details that changed the way she looked at food and her health. I love the story that starts the book off because without background on a person, we never truly understand how relate-able they are. Carrie comes from a farm in Oklahoma, which is what shaped her world view on food, which is so interesting. It was extra fun for me to read it because I knew her for a small period of time. We went to college together in Tahlequah, Oklahoma and while I was an athlete and she was a sorority member, we shared the same major and got to know each other pretty well. I actually remember noticing her the day I moved into my dorm as a freshman because my mom and I thought it was pretty cool to see a girl carrying her guitar up to her dorm. After having several classes together, I noticed how hard working she was. It made an impression on me, which doesn't happen that often. She always had at least one job, continued to perform, took part in the school pageants, and then her sorority involvement, and good grades on top of it!  A lot of this is in the book but I'm adding to it. Because I even really enjoyed reading the story that lead up to her passion in health and fitness!

There were some turning points in her life that caused her to dive in head first to fitness and pay attention to her food. You'll have to read to learn more about this. 

But some key words she uses in the book that resonate and stick out to me are:

"Find what brings you joy and do that."

This is her "anti-anxiety drug."

"I don't claim to have it all figured out, but through trial and error and plenty of mistakes, I've finally found the delicate balance: a fitness routine I've committed to and that I love, a dietary strategy that energizes me and makes me feel great, a passion for music and a dedication to a career I feel blessed to have and a devotion to my faith and my family." 

Not only has she found balance, but she's the perfect combination of humble and confident, which is always a delicate but amazing balance. 

The fitness section is so awesome, so honest, and so gritty. If  you're like me when you work out and you just don't want to think, the fit52 app is where it's at. And listen, I don't even have an iPhone, so I have to use my husband's phone til it comes out on android. That's how good it is. Eve, her trainer is a fantastic fitness professional who loves a good weight workout and knows the impact is long lasting. The exercise combinations coupled with the spontaneous surprise of which exercise and how many reps makes the time fly by! There are several levels and it's challenging, but easy to follow. The best combo! I love the message behind fit52. It's about just doing better more often. Fitting in fitness and staying fit, rather than always trying to make a come back. Just get there, stay there, sustain and maintain. That's the real key! And this is the key to getting there. I have never recommended a fitness app before and never been more proud to recommend one! 

Now for the nutrition section, I just love Carrie's no nonsense approach. Get in, get out and make it count. It's not about spending more time preparing these fabulous meals. It's about preparing for longevity and sustainability. We share so many great recipes from her home and from the CCN kitchens. We hope you can start incorporating, stop overthinking, and make some long lasting changes. 

Carrie has done a lot of amazing things and won a ton of amazing awards. This she did for you guys. She did it to inspire you to do better, make healthier decisions, and fall in love with exercise. I think the book is fabulously written, detailed and equally inspiring. I would highly recommend it!