Healthy Holidays 2021

Healthy Holidays 2021

Nov 3rd 2021

From candy-crazed Halloween to pies and stuffing on Thanksgiving to the tastes of the Christmas season: festive treats, cocktails and more... we want to help you stay on track. Does that mean never indulging? Heck no, it just means making the next good choice the next chance you get. Honestly, the accountability system we have in place is almost as good as these meal plans we have created for you! We have some amazing recipes you've never seen before that you will WANT to choose over traditional apple pie, I promise!

I can't wait for you to experience our 2 week Healthy Holiday Challenge and all the added bonuses! We have great information on supporting your immune system through supplements and lifestyle. Come join us for our last challenge of 2021!

The Challenge includes:

2 week meal plan jam-packed with ultimate comfort foods

1 week bonus mix and match

Two-fold accountability via private Facebook group + email check-ins

Food exchange list

Grocery Shopping List and meal prep guide

Intuitive eating guide as well as further education on our food philosophy

NEW workouts!

Unlimited expert nutrition consultation and guidance

BONUS: immune health with Dr. Kaisa Coppola