Fresh Start Healthy Heart 2021

Fresh Start Healthy Heart 2021

Jan 14th 2021

Roses are RED, violets are BLUE, we have a new challenge that's just for YOU!

Our HEARTS are just bursting to tell you that our annual Fresh Start Healthy Heart Challenge is NOW OPEN for registration! We can't help ourselves, we just LOVE this challenge and it's focus. If you didn't already know, February is heart health month and it's our privilege to help you improve your heart health and help prevent heart-related diseases. Heart health isn't just about eating correctly, but nurturing our bodies and minds too! This all starts with a little self LOVE, which we will guide you in throughout this challenge too! This is our first month-long challenge of the year and we would LOVE it if you could join us and open your minds and HEARTS to a world of wellness that helps your whole being thrive!

Our Fresh Start Healthy Heart Challenge starts Monday, February 1st. However, it's available to purchase at any time after February 1st to go at your own pace. 

Challenge materials will be emailed out the week of January 25th to give you plenty of time to shop, prep and prepare.

The Fresh Start Healthy Heart Challenge Packet includes:

Individual Metabolic Assessment by CCN team (these are the questions you complete upon registration)

2 week Cleanse meal plan with 4 days of transitioning foods back in

1 week meal plan based on individual caloric needs

1 week quick and flexible meal plan

Food exchange list & other important references

Grocery shopping list & meal prep guide

Weekly e-mail check ins

Food and exercise logs

NEW workouts!

Overall wellness, tips & activities

Facebook online group support & accountability

One month of expert nutrition guidance


Eating for a stable blood sugar - What does that mean? How do we do it? How does a stable blood sugar affect other systems in our body?

Join us!