Diet and Exercise Regimen of Christina El Moussa

Mar 31st 2017

I was blessed to meet Christina El Moussa, star of HGTV’s show Flip or Flop 5 years ago when she reached out to us for nutrition services. Not only is she a longstanding client but now also a close friend, as so many of you already know! We quickly realized we were soul sisters and she has been almost like an auntie to my kiddos and a very close friend to my entire family.

There are a billion nice things I could tell you guys about her: like she’s super loyal friend and very generous to anyone in need, an amazing and intuitive mama, has a heart for helping others and so on and so on. One word I’ve always used to describe is disciplined! One of my favorite quotes is you can’t have success without discipline. Structure and routine are the basis of discipline and that, my friends, is what she’s best at!

Even with 2 kids and a popular hit TV show, Christina manages to stay healthy and strong through the principles we taught her at Cara Clark Nutrition. Bonus? That rockin’ hot bod! Because when you feel healthy, you look healthy!

Christina eats 4 to 5 times a day every 3-4 hours to allow her blood sugar to stay stable all day long. With the proper balance of carbs, fat, and protein at each meal, her body is a fat burning powerhouse!


The first part of her routine is her 2 shots of espresso, usually with almond milk creamer! A typical first meal for Christina is overnight oats. Her must adds includes chia seeds and almond butter for fiber and extra protein to keep her feeling full longer. She tops it with seasonal berries and you have a well-rounded meal that’s delicious not to mention so pretty to eat!


Second breakfast as we like to call it around here, is a smoothie or green juice. Juice is great but make sure to eat some protein with it to balance those macros! A smoothie from one of our smoothie cookbooks is a great choice because they incorporate carbs, protein, and fat and are a balanced meal all on their own.


With a full filming schedule and being a mom to two littles, lunch can often be overlooked and dinner planning a complete nightmare, but Christina is prepared with go to salads or simple one pan or crockpot dishes. You can’t go wrong when combining lean meat, veggies, and grains! Her fave is a traditional cobb salad with extra veggies or a quinoa salad loaded with veggies. I actually got to try that one recently from Mendocino Farms


And because Christina isn’t a robot (no one is expected to be around here) there are snacks to handle those imminent sugar cravings. Perfect peanut butter bars or peanut butter and bananas on a rice cake are just two of her favorites. I mean, who doesn’t love peanut butter? Or sometimes she swaps and has a smoothie for snack. She also loves a good homemade granola bar! Or another snack fave is pretzel crisps with hummus..throw in some veggies too, of course.


Typically for dinner, she alternates between a vegan chili recipe she loves, salmon and quinoa with veggies or another lean protein with veggies. Or another loaded salad recipe, like the ones we have in our Salad Book. She’s totally a sucker for any dinners I make her aka, she likes other people to cook her healthy meals. Our Family Friendly Cookbook is loaded with easy, delicious recipes the whole fam can enjoy. Plus some sweet treats that won’t ruin anyone’s program!

Her workouts consist of Orange Theory Fitness at least once or twice a week, a few 3 or more mile runs and a good yoga session a week. She likes to challenge me to do 1000 steps beach workout too. There are actually 237ish steps and we do them 10-12 times. YIKES! She loves to hike and just be active altogether…it helps her destress and declutter her mind. That we can all use!

Christina is just one example showing that combining healthy eating with an active lifestyle doesn’t have to be hard. We love all our clients and helping them on their journey to be the best, healthiest version of themselves is a true passion of ours! Hope you’ll join us in learning the very basic concepts that she has followed for years!