Crunchy Coleslaw

Crunchy Coleslaw

Jul 5th 2018

Need a quick, healthy side for a BBQ this summer? Look no further! Try this crunchy coleslaw today - chances are you probably already have everything you need to make it! 

Crunchy Colesaw

2 - 12 oz. bags of shredded cabbage or coleslaw

1 - 12 oz. bag shredded carrots

8 to 10 green onions, diced

1 large green bell pepper, diced

1/2 cup slivered almonds (toast in oven to deepen flavor)

Dressing is equal parts balsamic vinaigrette and olive oil - about 1/4 cup of each. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Toss and serve!


If you're looking for some extra support these next few months until our Fall challenge, we've got some exciting news for you!  We’ve expanded our individual services to include 1:1 coaching! We are really excited to get going on this. 

Cara has hand selected several coaches for this program - Not only do they know our CCN way of life philosophy, they live it!

Our 1:1 CCN coaching program will be offered on an ongoing, monthly basis. Here’s what’s included:

* 30-minute phone call or video meeting

* Full metabolic assessment

* Health advice from your coach pertaining to your assessment

* Unlimited emailing with your coach throughout the month

* Food log grading- we will give you a grade and feedback on the meal plans you create - putting you in the driver's seat! 

The price is $149 per month and the program is ongoing. We want to see through with your long term changes! Please email to secure your spot on the waitlist!