CCN Heroes of the Month

CCN Heroes of the Month

Jan 23rd 2017

What we often see is an innocent spouse just eating what their wife makes. Then they become accustomed to feeling great, their coworkers notice a difference and they never look back. This very busy couple has come to be leaders in the CCN way of life because they live it and love it! I admire the effort they put into a healthy lifestyle!

"I have to tell you, starting your challenges 2 years ago has changed everything for me. I honestly haven't thought about calories since I started following your program. That's not to say that eating is a free for all but I just think about eating the right stuff, not how much/how many calories... It's such a healthier mentality. I also don't beat myself up over a "bad meal." I eat right 90% of the time so I don't feel bad when I have the occasional glass of champagne (or dinner at mastros like I did this weekend). It is so refreshing. I also don't worry about going off course because I'm so used to eating healthy that after one unhealthy meal, my body craves a smoothie/veggies/CCN food. You've taken the guess work, guilt and stress out of eating and reprogrammed my body and my way of thinking about food! Anyway, that's my long way of saying thank you!"


"My wife heard about CCN when Cara spoke to a moms group she belonged to almost 2 years ago. She signed us up for a challenge that began the day after the Super Bowl. (I vividly remember prepping for hours--more my wife thanme--before and during the game.). It was one of the best decisions we've made. Cara's simple nutritional thoughts--eating 5 colors a day, eating 5 times a day, pairing a fat, carb and protein for each meal, etc.--makes eating "healthy" much less daunting. Since I've learned to approach food the CCN way, I've noticed my energy level (which is vital with 3 little ones and a job with long hours), self confidence and overall happiness increase since starting CCN. Whilemy goal isn't to become a fitness model, I know that continuing to follow the CCN way (along with regular Orangetheory workouts) will help me reach my fitness and overall health goals."


Wes, Cammie and their three beautiful children