CCN Hero of the Month

Jan 9th 2017

One of my goals has been to highlight a CCN challenger or client as our monthly hero. We have so many! Be sure and watch for the heroes of 2017. We are starting your year off with a really fun gal. She's so positive and committed. Here's what she has to say about her life changing food experience!

"For the first time in 4 years and after working really hard, this has been the most successful I have been. My metabolism seemed to have shut down after baby #5 and turning 40. I ran and counted calories but my numbers and size would not budge. I thought I should join the challenge bc though I've been a steady 160-165lbs for 2 years, it's at least 15-20lbs than what I'd prefer. Moreover, I hated buying bigger clothes especially because I was running my butt off. So after diligently following the plan (and I did the 1st week for 2 weeks bc I had the groceries), here are my stats:

Day 1- 165 lbs

Chest 40

Waist 35

Hips 43

Today(about 2 weeks)


Chest 39

Waist 34

Hips 41

Mind you, I had bronchitis the first week so there was not working out. I have started work outs this week. I feel great. I have so much more energy and I'm sticking with it through the holidays. I'm convinced. I believe in the power of blood sugar stabilization and plant based diet (for the most part). Thank you for the plan and the recipes. I really needed the guide to help me get started. I look forward to the next challenge."

To sign up for our next challenge:

-Troy, age 40

Her beautiful family pictured below