CCN Challenge Hero of the Month

Apr 26th 2017

"My husband played professional baseball for a while, and was on the Kansas City Royals when he retired. He had to stop because of a shoulder surgery that never healed correctly. When I met him, he was in Orange County rehabbing during the off season right after the surgery. He was also gutting a house and remodeling it. He’s always been one of those guys who sees eating as a nuisance. He’d grab whatever was quick and would fill him up. He doesn’t get fat, he gets skinny. At that time, he was working insane hours on his house, doing the PT and exercise they told him he needed to do. But he was also eating junk and probably not getting much sleep. I’ve been doing challenges and sticking to the program about 70/30 and often 80/20 since February of 2015, which means he has to as well. He’s commented to me on numerous occasions that he thinks if he’d been eating the way you’ve taught us to, he would have recovered from that surgery. I always find that comment (especially from a guy who doesn’t dwell on the past) to be pretty amazing. It’s a huge compliment to the way you teach us to eat in such a sustainable way. 

You really have changed our lives. Thank you!

Jessica, Luke and Family