A Day in the Life of... Ashlee! Part 2

A Day in the Life of... Ashlee! Part 2

Jul 23rd 2019

Last week, I shared when and what I eat in a normal day. Today, I'm talking all about our schedule and routine. And since Cara talked about her school year routine here, I thought it would be fun to discuss our Summer schedule today. And because well, it's Summer. So I'm currently living it. 

I will be the first to admit that I'm a Type A, schedule-loving gal. So Summer isn't my favorite season. I know - how awful does that sound? But realizing this about myself has helped me embrace the slower pace of Summer while also infusing it with some daily/weekly rhythms to help us all not lose our minds. Because as it turns out, I'm raising some Type A, schedule-loving kiddos too! So we all function best with a bit of structure and routine. 


I will wake up before the kids and head to the gym and am normally back by the time they're up. They wake up at 6:30am during the school year and I've managed to stretch this to 7am in the Summer. Sleeping in just doesn't exist in our house...Turns out I'm raising a bunch of early birds too! 


The kids eat breakfast and watch a show on TV. I will take my breakfast and coffee and go sit in my office to get started on work. I work anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on what kinds of projects I have going on and how full our inbox is. 

The kids will play during this time. Last summer I instituted this checklist and it has been a life saver. It's way too easy for me to just hand them the iPad when they ask because I'm busy trying to work or do household stuff. This keeps us all accountable and them off their iPads until at least 3pm each day. I laminated a copy for each kid and they love checking things off as we go about our day. (Again, Type A household here folks.) 


After getting ready for the day, this is when we head out to for random errands. The library, Costco, Target, or any other things I might need to cross off my to-do list are fair game here. 



When the kids were little, this used to be nap-time but at 8 and almost 6 years old, those days are long gone. But I still make them go to their rooms for an hour each day and read/play quietly. We all need a break from each other and it helps us reset for the afternoon. 

I might work during this time or take care of things around the house (laundry, bills, etc.), or do my Bible study. I try and give myself at least 30 minutes to do something fun just for me - whether it be read a book or watch a show on TV. 


After quiet time, the kids come downstairs, grab a snack and get started on their "school." Yes, I'm totally that mom that makes their kids do a bit of school during the Summer. I've been using these workbooks ever since my oldest was going into Kindergarten and I can't recommend them enough. It's one worksheet (front and back) per day. Not overwhelming at all. They also have to read for 15 minutes and then they each play a few educational games on my laptop. It takes us about an hour each day and they are super motivated to do it because this is normally the last thing they need to do before they get to play on their iPads. 


9 times out of 10 this includes swimming at the community pool. Or crossing off one of our Summer bucket list items like Sno-cones, play dates, etc. 


The kids will normally bathe or shower while I'm starting dinner if we've been at the pool. We eat together as a family every night. During the school year we ask the kids their favorite/least favorite part of the day. Right now, we're working our way through a deck of family conversation cards. Last night's question was would you rather live in a treehouse, on a boat, or in a teepee? Fun stuff! 


My kid's are normally in bed by 7:30 during the school year. In the Summer, we move this to 8pm. And yes, it's still totally light out. (Thank goodness for black out curtains.) They might read in bed and not fall asleep until 8:30pm or if we've played hard all afternoon, they might go right to sleep. I'm a big advocate of proper sleep for kiddos. Ever since they were babies, I've been protecting their sleep schedule. Yes, we have nights they don't go to bed until MUCH later and that's part of the fun of having older kids now. But for the most part, they get the sleep they need each night. 


We also put our kids to bed early because this time in the evening is important to me... especially in the Summer when we've been together ALL day long. My husband and I will relax on the couch and watch a show or read a book. 

BEDTIME by 9:30 PM

The kids aren't the only one that have a later bedtime in the Summer. Because I'm up so early and at the gym, I'm normally in bed by 9pm but it tends to be a bit later in the Summer. I'm just one of those people who needs 8 hours of sleep. My husband and I are totally old souls, and that's ok with us! 

All this to say, you do you! This is is what works for our family and it may not work for yours. We hope it's been fun to see how everyone here at CCN does life. And just maybe there's a tip or two you can start implementing in your routine or diet to help you on your path towards a healthier lifestyle - not just for you, but your whole family too!