A Day in the Life of... Allison! Part 2

A Day in the Life of... Allison! Part 2

Jul 10th 2019

Last week, I shared when and what I eat in a normal day. Today, I'm talking all about our schedule and routine! 

Our daughter really thrives with routine within a very consistent schedule (as do I), and we still keep it flexible, but I really try not to steer more than 15-30 minutes in either direction if possible. This has been extremely helpful and important for everyone’s health and sanity in many ways. Because of this we try our best to plan our outings and activities so that we can adhere to the schedule as closely as possible. I know its only a season of life and with time we will be able to be more spontaneous, but this is what works best for all of us right now.


Water with ACV & splash of lemon ginger concentrate (I also add this to my water throughout the day)

Let dogs out & feed them

Devotional & prayer

Get the baby up, nurse

Get both of us dressed, brush hair/teeth, sunscreen, etc.

Small household task (put away folded laundry, start load of laundry, dust, wipe down counters/mirrors, etc)

Get breakfast together while attempting to keep the baby tornado at a minimum (this is part of why keeping things prepped as much as possible is crucial!) 


Clean up after breakfast and tidy up quickly from the baby tornado

Go for a walk (if not walking with a friend, I call friends/family or listen to a podcast/audiobook on our walk)


When Daddy is away we try to do a quick Facetime with the baby during this time

20-40 minute cleaning/household task - I keep a consistent daily, weekly, and monthly schedule for what tasks I do on what days. I don’t have a cleaning lady so this is the only way I stay on top of it all!

20-40 minute Workout OR baby activity (swim or music class, library story time, playdate, park, beach, etc.)

*Sometimes I’ll wake up early or workout during nap-time instead, if needed…Semper Gumby as they say in the Marine Corps!

I work out in my garage, with the baby in her playpen, switching up toys and books to keep her interested. Sometimes I’m singing ABCs or tossing toys back to her while doing burpees just to make it through without too much fussing! I’m sure it’s a sight to behold, but we get it done!

I enjoy lifting heavy weights, HIIT, kickboxing, PiYo, a little bit of everything. I LOVE variety in my fitness routine. In the past year or so I’ve really focused on progressive overload and increasing strength. My workouts look a little different (and a little shorter) then they did before baby, but I’m so proud that I’m able to be just as strong, if not more so now!


If we are going to be out and about, the night before I make sure to have lunch already ready to go for both of us for when we get back or packed to bring with us if we will be out longer.


Naptime is when I get ALL THE THINGS done!


Work time

Household tasks

Meal prep/Recipe testing: This is when I make my staple meal prep items that are always in my rotation: veggie egg cups, smoothie bags, oatmeal packets, chia pudding/overnight oats, mason jar salads, etc. I also pre-chop ingredients for dinner, marinade chicken for the next day, whatever needs to be done. I look at our schedule for the week and actually plan out what days I am going prep which meals, what days I will test recipes, what days need to be dedicated to other work, etc. This way its much less overwhelming, and I only have to spend a small amount of time each day on meal prep versus feeling like it takes over my life.



Run errands, if needed

Operation wear the baby out till dinnertime (activity/outing, playdate, park, beach/beach walk, etc.)


Occupy baby with various learning activities, toys, books, and snacks so I can hope to cook dinner. She seems to be going through a phase right now where she loses her mind crying if I spend more than a few minutes cooking and not paying attention to her. So I’ve been surviving on Crock Pot/Instant Pot, 1 pot, and sheet pan type meals that are meal prepped as much as possible ahead of time to minimize the agony for both of us. I try to have little things to snack on for her like pre-cut fruit and veggies with cheese or beans/peas (much less messy compared to hummus, and she’s obsessed).

When Daddy is home this is his play time with her, and I’m able to do a lot more with cooking dinner!


Bath & bedtime routine for baby! 

Baby in bed by 7pm


Clean up after dinner

Household task (almost always folding laundry)

I often use this time to do more work, recipe testing, or meal prep. When hubby is home this is our quality time together, when he is away we try to FaceTime if possible When hubby is away this is where I have my “me time”: watch a show/read a book/work on a project

I like to enjoy a glass of red wine, white wine spritzer, or a skinny craft cocktail a few times a week. Good quality dark chocolate with some nuts or a healthy CCN dessert a few times a week is also a must!

Gratitude accountability: I have a friend that I text with daily, listing 1 or more things we are grateful for that day

Glance over & adjust calendar and goals list for next day/week ahead

Natural Calm or Chamomile/Lavender tea drink, if needed

Read for 15-30 minutes

Meditation & prayer

BEDTIME by 10/1030 PM