40 and Thriving, a True Testimony to CCN Health Challenges

40 and Thriving, a True Testimony to CCN Health Challenges

Aug 26th 2018

There's nothing we love more here at CCN than a good transformation. And if you've been around here long enough you will know that doesn't always mean weight loss. Yes, weight loss is why many people try us out in the first place. But it takes a back seat to all the other many health benefits our CCN participants gain when they adopt our food philosopy. 

We're all about small, consistent, sustainable changes that over time make a big impact. If you're ready to stop dieting and find your forever healthy lifestyle - join us! Our Fall Back to Health Challenge starts in just ONE week. Give your future self a big high five and sign up to change how you view food today! 

"I could probably write a book on what starting these challenges has done for me. I will say that this lifestyle change literally made the light bulb come on within the first week I tried it. Diabetes and autoimmune disease runs rampant in both sides of my family, especially the women, so I have always tried to keep a "handle" on my weight. Sometimes in a not so healthy way. I tried to educate myself, by reading, researching and taking a million vitamins, but I just didn't feel right and never found anything to work long term for me. 

During a desperate search one day on clean eating, polyphenols, and anti inflammatory products, I came across one of your recipes. I found your page and researched it of course, then I hopped on the first challenge I saw. It was instant results, and so eye opening! I had already known all of the things you talked about and the foods I was supposed to be using for fuel, but I just never could put all the pieces together to make it work right for me on a daily basis. 

But as I continued on with my first challenge, I just became more and more excited, because it was all so attainable. And the feedback your team offered any time I needed it made me confident that I couldn't fail. I was so excited to make the foods, to do the prep work, getting my kids and husband involved. I started realizing the things that I had been eating and come accustomed to weren't healthy or real foods at all. It was jaw dropping to me and I felt so amazing after just one week, I literally think I told the whole world. 

The cooking and dining together became fun again and like real quality food and family time together. My life and those around me hasn't been the same since I was introduced to this. I am a hairstylist/ Secretary to my husbands Electrical business and I have shared your challenges with my family and so many clients and feel like it has affected everyone I know in such a powerful, and positive way. I feel like I am revealing the fountain of youth to them! Your work is truly appreciated here in Texas!" Tabb A. 

Our challenges aren't just a temporary fix..they aren't a diet... they are simply an attainable lifestyle. A healthy eating program that you want to continue. Don't miss our next challenge