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Cara's 40th Birthday Celebration

4 Days of Deals | June 6th - 9th

CCN Programs



CCN Principles for Men
Unlock Your Health and Reclaim Your Vitality with CCN for Men! Feel the joy of reclaiming your energy, improving your sleep, and experiencing the incredible benefits of a balanced lifestyle.
CCN Essentials: Macros Masterclass
Here at CCN, combining our macros is a huge pillar to our nutrition philosophy. In this On Demand Masterclass we're shedding light on the science, and practical insights to seamlessly integrate a balanced nutrient mix into your daily eating habits.
CCN Guide to Sustainable Weightloss
While CCN isn’t a “weight loss” program, we do believe many people will find their goal weight with consistency and time. In this on-demand masterclass, we're shedding light on the science, and a few CCN-approved hacks, that can help get you there faster.

The CCN Membership


The CCN Difference Makers Membership

Helping you fall in love with food & your body.
Real food. Real people. Real results.


(Discount applies to first year only, you may cancel at any time)


CCN is dedicated to whole-person health.

Using holistic, integrative methods paired with science-backed nutrition research, my philosophy is total wellness. CCN engages the mind, body and spirit.

A CCN membership will support you in creating long-term, consistent habits. By adopting a new, healthy lifestyle supported by CCN, you may protect yourself from health problems, lower your risk of thyroid-related diseases, diabetes, obesity, allergies and disordered eating.

The CCN team -- lead by Cara -- will give you the tools, support and inspiration.

What's included with your membership:

  • Complete Recipe Directory

    Members will have immediate access to a database of CCN macro-balanced meals. CCN recipes are not flavorless chicken and steamed broccoli. CCN meals are filling, flavorful, delicious meals that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

  • New to CCN Resource Page

    > A Video Tour of the inside of the membership
    > Quick Access to the Getting Started with CCN Mini Course!
    > 7-Day Reset Challenge - Whether you need a quick reset or are looking for somewhere to start with CCN, this 7-Day Reset Challenge is the perfect thing for you!
    > CCN Essential Resources - created over the years to help you be successful.

  • CCN 101 Mini Course

    Whether you're new to CCN or need a refresher of the philosophy and how to implement in your daily life, this mini course will greatly support your wellness journey!

  • Monthly Nutrition & Wellness Education

    We discuss deeper health topics than what’s available in one of CCN’s seasonal challenges and give you weekly to-do's that relate to the Monthly Theme to help you work towards whole body health.

  • Weekly Accountability Emails

    We're like your best friend, sending you check-in emails weekly with what to be focusing on and what we're paying attention to in order to stay on track.

  • LIVE Zoom Calls with Cara Clark

    You'll have two opportunities each month to jump on Zoom live with Cara:

    > Monthly Education - First Thursday of each month
    > Coffee with Cara - A candid conversation with Cara about health and wellness + get your burning questions answered.

  • Community Forum + Private Facebook Group

    Engage with the community and get your questions answered in two ways - in our topic specific forums, or inside of our thriving private Facebook Community for CCN Difference Maker Members Only.

  • Monthly Givaways!

    We've partnered with some of the best in the health and wellness industry and are excited to give away tons of amazing things to our members each month!!!

  • Members Only Portal

    Inside our easy-to-navigate portal, you'll get an insider look at what the CCN Team is reading, listening to, products we are loving, workouts we're doing, as well as quick links to zoom calls and monthly theme content.

Past Challenges



Ready. Set. Prep! Challenge
Looking for a simple way to jumpstart your journey into healthier eating habits with many of the staples you already have in your pantry?
2023 Fall Back to Health Challenge
Fall usually aligns with a new, more structured schedule and typically means more time and freedom for us mamas. It's almost always guaranteed that we're ready to make our health a priority again.
2024 Fresh Start Healthy Heart Challenge
Ready to make your own wellness a top priority this year? The CCN Difference means health over weight-loss and mindfulness over counting calories. Our goal in teaching you health and nutrition isn't only focused on weight loss, because we believe...
2024 Spring Wellness Renewal Challenge
The Spring Wellness Renewal Health Challenge has everything YOU need to jump right into the nutritional and lifestyle changes that will bring out your healthiest and happiest self. Spring is a time of renewal -  In this challenge we will...
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