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Feeling good starts with food. When you eat in a way that nourishes your body, that balances your blood sugar, you don’t experience unhealthy cravings and you don’t feel hungry, restricted, or deprived. You feel satisfied and energized. You begin to crave the food that makes you feel good. As you begin to feel better from the inside, not only does your body feel lighter, your mind becomes clearer. You start to feel hope, and that feeling of hope opens up all kinds of possibilities for your health and your life.

Balancing blood sugar prevents disease, generates healing, and gives you sustainable energy throughout the day while burning stored fat in your body. It sounds too good to be true, but it’s a science-backed approach that works for everybody at every stage of life.

Meet Cara

There was a time when I didn’t feel good in my body. I was over-exercising and under-eating. My job was stressful and unfulfilling. Something had to change! That’s when my own health needs led me to the dream career I consider a passion, not a job.

Now, as an integrative nutritionist and wellness educator certified in sports and clinical nutrition, blood chemistry, and integrative health, I have been able to help thousands of clients, from group challenge participants to celebrities to Olympic athletes and NBA and MLB draft prospects, feel better in their bodies by moving away from “dieting” and instead understanding the connection between what we eat and how we feel. I’m also the primary nutritionist for fitness app and online community fit52 and contributed to the book Find Your Path. I co-authored The Wellness Remodel, and now I have my own book, The Feel-Good Way: Simple Recipes for a Better Life, releasing in 2025 from Penguin Random House.

I’m a busy mom to four girls and wife to my husband of fifteen years. I love coaching my daughters’ sports teams, cooking and eating good food, playing pickleball and tennis, and, at the end of the day, drifting off to sleep reading a good novel. As I approach my forties and my girls are growing into young women, my commitment to cultivating the wisdom and practices that will lift my own health and well-being through the changing phases of life has only grown stronger. And that commitment extends to helping you do the same, so you can live the life YOU were called to live.

Whether you are suffering and desperate to feel better (I promise you I have been there more than once!) or you’d simply like to feel better in your clothes and have more energy, join me in whatever form works best for you. Sign up for a challenge, subscribe to my Substack blog, follow me on Instagram, or purchase one of my eCookbooks. Even the tiniest of changes can lead to feeling so much better. The Feel-Good Philosophy is not an all-or-nothing process, system, or diet. It’s a sustainable lifestyle that you’ll want to continue because of the way it makes you feel. I’m here when you’re ready!



Meet Ashlee

Ashlee Thomas first came to Cara Clark Nutrition as a client in the Spring of 2016. An avid fitness enthusiast, fueling her body in a healthy way was always the missing piece.

From strict counting calories to restricting entire food groups, she had tried it all and it was finally after becoming a client of CCN that she found the “food freedom” she was desperately seeking.

Ashlee received her bachelor’s degree in communication from Chapman University. With a strong sense of interpersonal communication and a newly discovered passion to help others experience the joy of healthy eating, Ashlee officially joined the CCN team in February 2017. She received her Intrafitt nutrition and fitness certification in March of 2018.

Currently at CCN, Ashlee is the Director of Operations. She is also responsible for all customer service questions and inquiries.

A born and raised Southern California native, Ashlee currently resides in Dallas, Texas with her husband and two children. When she’s not delighting our clients with her quick and timely responses or working diligently to streamline our backend systems, she is nose deep in a good book or on her yoga mat.

You can read more about Ashlee on our blog HERE.

Meet Allison

Allison Long is an Integrative Nutritionist and Wellness Educator committed to guiding individuals on their path to vibrant living. With a foundation in nutrition science and a passion for integrative approaches to health, she is dedicated to helping clients unlock their full potential and thrive in every aspect of life.

Allison earned her Bachelor of Science in both Dietetics and Consumer Food Science from the University of Georgia and is currently pursuing certification as an Integrative Health Practitioner. Her journey towards holistic wellness practice began with overcoming some of her own personal health challenges, igniting a passion to help others navigate their wellness journeys with compassion and expertise.

She joined Cara Clark Nutrition over a decade ago while her family was stationed in Southern California at Camp Pendleton.  At CCN, Allison specializes in recipe development,  meal planning, and wellness education for our quarterly challenges.  Additionally, Allison works with individual clients from various backgrounds, providing consulting services, including developing custom wellness plans, one-on-one coaching, nutrition guidance consultations, and supplement consultations.  

She employs an integrative approach to health that honors the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit to empower clients to embrace a lifestyle of well-being and vitality, one nourishing choice at a time.

As a proud military spouse of a US Marine, Allison has had the privilege of calling many different areas of our country home. These experiences have enriched her perspective and instilled a deep sense of resilience and adaptability, shaping her approach to health and wellness. 

When she’s not immersed in the world of health and nutrition, you’ll find her spending as much quality time as possible with family and friends, belting out Disney songs with their young daughter, listening to an audiobook or podcast while enjoying a long walk with their two rescue dogs, getting a good lift in the gym, diving into a great book, or whipping up a new culinary creation in the kitchen.

You can read more about Allison on our blog HERE

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