Here’s what some of our clients are saying about us.

“Not only is Cara’s nutrition plan delicious and healthy…you actually get to eat!! Even my husband, who is a big eater was full and happy.”

Christina El Moussa
HGTV Host of Flip of Flop


"I could not have imagined the degree to which my body would change after having my first child. Nutrition was never something I had to worry about and I found the matter daunting and frustrating. Cara’s solutions helped me overcome those challenges and I’m indebted to her for teaching me how to maintain healthy eating habits without ever feeling deprived."

Terra B


"Before Cara I did not know much about nutrition. I have always been a healthy eater but Cara taught me a world of eating and feeling that I didn’t know existed and it has definitely changed my life."

Sheila C


"I hardly ever ate ‘real’ food because I thought I didn’t have time in my day to make it. After following Cara’s meal plans I realized how easy it was and my body feels amazing!"

Shanna K